What Lawyers Are Saying

“Settled a very complicated case with multiple plaintiffs. It’s not unusual for a case of that complexity to overwhelm even the best of neutrals.”
– Senior Name Partner Defense Attorney in politically charged wrongful eviction case.

“Very Smart, Very Easy to Work with. Did a fantastic job.”
– Name Partner in one of San Francisco’s leading Plaintiffs’ firm.

“I don’t think in my 30 years of practice that I’ve worked with a mediator that put in so much time ahead of the mediation …”
– Prominent “Go To” Southern California Defense Attorney for insurance bad faith cases.

“Intuitively focuses in on the important issues. Knows how to get the deal done.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney, serving on Board of major city trial lawyers association in connection with personal injury dispute.

“Arnie, it was our pleasure to work with you. Frankly, I was gearing up for trial and never thought this case would resolve itself. You are to be credited with bringing the two sides together.”
– Lead Defense attorney with National Law firm with offices in 35 cities on settlement of case with cutting edge emerging issues.

“I was hesitant to use him because he was a very talented and aggressive plaintiffs’ attorney.” However, “[a]s a neutral, he is very well-prepared, he asked for information in advance and did a good job of helping reach a settlement.”
– Defense Attorney in major California Insurance Bad Faith Defense Firm.

“Excellent. Defense counsel suggested him after she was very impressed by his skill in getting another case resolved. … I highly recommend him. He is not only extremely smart but he is also calm, thoughtful and gently beats on both sides.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney, former President of local Trial Lawyers Association.

“Did a great job. Very low key but effective. I would use him again.”
– Named Partner Defense Attorney with over 35 years of defense experience.

“I’d use him again in a heartbeat.”
– Leading Plaintiff’s attorney in medical malpractice case.

“Arnie is at the top of my list and have already recommended him to folks- he is great!”
– Defense attorney after settlement of traumatic murder/suicide case with major coverage issues.

“Arnie was able to help us settle a very difficult. He seems to be pretty good at this.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney with one of most prominent Plaintiff’s firm in San Francisco.

“Arnie. I appreciated your work, your style, and of course the result … There’s nothing like someone who worked up and tried cases to take a practical approach to the issues.”
– In house counsel at one of largest companies in California.

“He’s really good on the law, which helps with the defense clients, and he finds the right themes and pressure points”
– Defense attorney in insurance bad faith case.

“Mr. Levinson was patient, generous with his time, and did a great job in getting the case fairly settled.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney.

“You did a tremendous job of settling a very difficult case. I was particularly impressed with your remarkable ability and willingness to really listen to both my client and me.”
– Former President of American Association of Justice and Consumer Attorneys of California.

“Arnold mediated a case I thought would never settle. It was a multi party case where everyone was suing everyone. And, I was ready to try the case. However, Arnold was able to put together a settlement agreement that resolved the entire matter. This case involved years of litigation and animosity on all sides. He did the unthinkable and I fully endorse him as a level headed no holds bar mediator.”
– Defense counsel.