What Lawyers Are Saying

” . . . A superstar. He knows bad faith and insurance coverage inside out, tells you just like it is, is extremely perceptive and has great judgment.”
– 40 year insurance bad faith and coverage defense counsel

“Knows insurance coverage and bad faith cold and gets cases settled that I never thought would settle.”
– Plaintiff’s insurance coverage and bad faith attorney who recently obtained an $8 million bad faith judgment, including $5 million in punitive damages

“Smartest, most prepared mediator I have ever met.”
– Plaintiff’s counsel who recently receive a $70 million judgment including a $45 million in punitive damages

” . . . [O]ne of a handful of attorneys in the country that we feared and respected as among the best of the best bad faith insurance attorneys. Now, he is one of my best assets in settling cases.”
– Senior Partner, Major Defense Firm

“Arnie has handled so many coverage and bad faith cases that he intuitively understands where the case can settle.”
– Plaintiff’s Counsel, Bad Faith Insurance Specialist

“Arnie brings to every dispute a unique combination of rigorous preparation, deep knowledge of insurance law, and mutual respect for the parties. With his added commitment and intelligence Arnie has been able to resolve many larger, complex cases other mediators could not.”
– Plaintiff’s counsel with multiple multi-million dollar results”

“I use Arnie every time I can because he knows insurance so well, puts his finger immediately on the key issues and I know that he is going to tell both me and the Plaintiff exactly what the realities of the case are.”
– Partner, Defense Counsel

“Arnie Levinson is now my ‘go to’ mediator for any case involving contentious insurance coverage or bad faith issues. He brings the same tenacity, intelligence, candor, and pragmatism to mediation as he did as opposing counsel over many decades, and he has settled every case on which I have enlisted his services so far.”
– Partner, Defense Attorney, Large International Firm

“I am a litigator/trial lawyer with 48 years of experience, first as a criminal prosecutor, then as a defense attorney. Arnie is our “go-to” mediator. Not just my choice, but of my partners all over the country. It is wonderful to have an experienced mediator with specialized knowledge of insurance issues, who is also smart and endowed with a pleasing personality. His sense of humor always puts everyone at ease. He is there for you, and does what you want him to do to settle your case. He doesn’t impose his own will. As for settling my cases? All of them. 100 per cent. And, he follows up weeks after the initial session using his particular ability to close cases down. Arnie’s experience as a former plaintiff’s coverage and bad faith attorney is very useful to both sides in his mediations. Our defense side trusts him to give us the potential downsides of our case. The other parties trust him because he is intelligent, successful, and formerly one of them.”
– ABOTA Defense Attorney

“Arnold Levinson is an excellent mediator with a real world grasp of trial and jury dynamics, which makes him uniquely qualified to make parties appreciate the probable perspectives of jurors and their likely responses to a case. This experience has made him very effective as a mediator in my experience.”
– 5 Year Defense Attorney

“Arnie is an absolute pleasure to work with. He understands how mediations work and understands how both plaintiffs and defendants think so as to achieve an appropriate outcome. He’s hard working, smart and tenacious. Really digs in and gets to know the problem, the parties and counsel so that he is extremely well prepared at the mediation sessions. I would absolutely use him again.”
– New York Partner, 700 member law firm

“I hate Arnie Levinson! That’s what I used to say when I got my chances to do it. It was because he was so experienced, smart, and hard-working. It always seemed like he was a few steps ahead of my other adversaries. Arnie is a terrific mediator! That’s what I say about him now. And it’s for the same reasons. Arnie rolls up his sleeves and gets into the weeds with you. But his most significant contribution is his ability to transform a complex case into a simple, straightforward analysis. He has credibility with both the plaintiff and defense bars, and with individual and institutional clients. He has settled most cases he’s mediated for me (some of which I thought would never settle). And I left those very few that didn’t resolve with a clearer picture of how to present my case to the jury.”
– Partner, Southern California Defense Firm

“Arnie is not only intelligent, but he cares. As a result, you never leave a mediation wondering if there was something more that he could do.”
– Partner, Southern California Defense Firm

“You will rarely find a mediator who understands both sides of an insurance case more than Arnie Levinson. He is smart, diligent and is deeply knowledgeable about the insurance industry and insurance bad faith law. As a defense attorney, I find that he has a lot of credibility both with my clients and the Plaintiff and the Plaintiffs’ attorney. He is somebody that will give you an honest assessment of a case and might even point out some things in confidence that you might have missed because you are too close to the matter. I would highly recommend him as a mediator.”
– Partner, Southern California Defense Attorney

“Arnie is our go-to mediator on the West coast. He is always well prepared and his vast trial experience, especially Life, Health and Disability matters, gives him credibility in both rooms. Arnie is substantive and strategic; he does so much more than shuttle numbers between parties. We use him for everything.”
– General Counsel, Insurance Company

“I have used dozens of different mediators throughout the country during my 22 year career; hands down Arnie is the best I have come across.”
– 2nd VP & Counsel, Law Department, Insurance Company

“Arnie Levinson gets it in mediation. He knows both the defense and plaintiff’s side having practiced in both arenas. He also has a sound knowledge of insurance which adds to his skill set. I have known Arnie for his whole career and his is now demonstrating as a mediator what he did as a lawyer — a great facility to get the case resolved through intelligence, experience and hard work.”
– San Francisco Plaintiff’s Attorney

“It is rare to find a mediator with such a strong understanding of complex insurance issues and bad faith litigation, as well as the ability to resolve these cases. Highly recommend him in cases that defy settlement”.
– 30 Year Bay Area Defense Attorney

“Arnie is an extremely effective mediator in how he can identify and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses in your client’s case or position and give his honest opinion based on the facts, law and other factors, however, he never loses sight of his ultimate role to assist the parties in resolving the action despite his viewpoints. He has settled cases for my clients when there was no hope of settlement, and effectively follows up after a formal session to achieve that goal.”
– Partner, Statewide Defense Firm

“Arnie brings to every dispute a unique combination of rigorous preparation, deep knowledge of insurance law, and mutual respect for the parties. With his added commitment and intelligence Arnie has been able to resolve many larger, complex cases other mediators could not.”
– San Francisco Plaintiff’s Attorney

“When I agree to retain a private mediator to assist in getting a case resolved, I am looking for a mediator whose aim is not to merely get the case settled, but to do so under fair terms. For that reason, there is no mediator I can offer a higher recommendation than Arnie Levinson. I typically use him in insurance disputes, cases governed by both California bad faith and ERISA. As is often said about him, he has, “been there and done that!” Given his lengthy tenure as a practicing attorney handling these type of cases, he is able to offer assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of my cases based on his own experience. It is something former Judges in the role of mediators are often not in a position to do.

In my experience, and I have mediated thousands of cases, some mediators will ALWAYS advise me that in their view, my case is not as strong as I think, obviously hoping to get me to reduce my demand. When I hear the same position in every case from a mediator, it is difficult to give a great deal of credibility to their assessments. Arnie is somewhat unique in that he gives an unvarnished opinion, no matter the impact on settlement. He has told me he doesn’t like my case, and in other instances he has suggested that he places a higher settlement value on a case than I have. Given his honest case assessments, when Arnie offers me an opinion as to my case, I listen very carefully and so advise my client.

At the same time, while giving honest factual and legal assessments, he is also good at pointing out to BOTH SIDES of the value of settlement, even if it means compromising more than one would desire. He reminds the defense of the time and cost involved in litigation, and given his experience, is able to kindly explain to plaintiffs that the pain of litigation might be a good reason for them to settle their case accepting the best offer he can get, and move on with their lives. However, he only does this if the offer he is able to obtain is one he feels is equitable, given all the facts before him.

When mediating with Arnie, I always view him as my partner in achieving the best results for my client. There are times when I feel the mediator provides more obstacle to obtaining a “fair” settlement than they do providing assistance. That has NEVER been my experience with Arnie.

I have had defense counsel decline to use Arnie because of the successes he had in litigation against their client when he was still a practicing litigator. However, those that do agree to use him despite this concern never raise that issue a second time, as the defense counsel, and the insurance companies uniformly determine that his assessments of cases are both fair and accurate. While he is quick to point out to insurance carriers the weaknesses in their denials, when their defenses are valid, he is every bit as willing to acknowledge that fact.”
– Nationally Prominent Insurance Attorney

“I would recommend Arnie without hesitation. He is easily one of the smartest people, let alone attorneys, I have ever met. He grasps any issue on a case almost immediately. He understands the leverage points for all parties perfectly. He has positioned the last three cases I used him on perfectly, resulting in great resolutions for my clients. Last, to know Arnie as a mediator is to love him. He is kind to plaintiffs and their families and never judgmental, which really helps resolve cases with good people who are hurting. He has a Colombo-esque style which, coupled with him being whip smart, make him a unicorn of a mediator. “
– San Francisco Plaintiff’s Attorney

“Arnie is superb, one of the best mediators in the country. He understands both the insurer and plaintiff sides, and is able to obtain the trust of all involved. He is always superbly prepared, understand the case and strengths and weaknesses on both sides, and is able to reach a very reasonable resolution in almost all cases. He knows insurance coverage and bad faith issues backwards and forwards, and has the trust of both policyholder and insurer counsel. You are not going to find a better mediator.”
– Longtime Bay Area Plaintiff’s Insurance Coverage Expert

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Arnie in two mediations and rank him among the very best in the business. Arnie has an easy going personality and a keen ability to focus on the issues that need to be overcome to accomplish resolution of a case. He works tirelessly behind the scenes and has the respect of both sides given his extensive experience with insurance issues.”
– San Francisco Plaintiff’s Attorney, former President San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association.

“Arnie is not a great mediator because he is a quick study and understands the nuances necessary to get a case resolved- he is an excellent and effective mediator because he simply refuses to give up. I appreciate that he will spend whatever time is necessary to get to the heart of the dispute and try as many creative ideas as necessary in order to get the case settled. He is one of a kind in that regard.”
– Plaintiff’s Attorney, Insurance Expert, Southern California

“Settled a very complicated case with multiple plaintiffs. It’s not unusual for a case of that complexity to overwhelm even the best of neutrals.”
– Senior Name Partner Defense Attorney in politically charged wrongful eviction case.

“Very Smart, Very Easy to Work with. Did a fantastic job.”
– Name Partner in one of San Francisco’s leading Plaintiffs’ firm.

“I don’t think in my 30 years of practice that I’ve worked with a mediator that put in so much time ahead of the mediation …”
– Prominent “Go To” Southern California Defense Attorney for insurance bad faith cases.

“Intuitively focuses in on the important issues. Knows how to get the deal done.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney, serving on Board of major city trial lawyers association in connection with personal injury dispute.

“Arnie, it was our pleasure to work with you. Frankly, I was gearing up for trial and never thought this case would resolve itself. You are to be credited with bringing the two sides together.”
– Lead Defense attorney with National Law firm with offices in 35 cities on settlement of case with cutting edge emerging issues.

“I was hesitant to use him because he was a very talented and aggressive plaintiffs’ attorney.” However, “[a]s a neutral, he is very well-prepared, he asked for information in advance and did a good job of helping reach a settlement.”
– Defense Attorney in major California Insurance Bad Faith Defense Firm.

“Excellent. Defense counsel suggested him after she was very impressed by his skill in getting another case resolved. … I highly recommend him. He is not only extremely smart but he is also calm, thoughtful and gently beats on both sides.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney, former President of local Trial Lawyers Association.

“Did a great job. Very low key but effective. I would use him again.”
– Named Partner Defense Attorney with over 35 years of defense experience.

“I’d use him again in a heartbeat.”
– Leading Plaintiff’s attorney in medical malpractice case.

“Arnie is at the top of my list and have already recommended him to folks- he is great!”
– Defense attorney after settlement of traumatic murder/suicide case with major coverage issues.

“Arnie was able to help us settle a very difficult. He seems to be pretty good at this.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney with one of most prominent Plaintiff’s firm in San Francisco.

“Arnie. I appreciated your work, your style, and of course the result … There’s nothing like someone who worked up and tried cases to take a practical approach to the issues.”
– In house counsel at one of largest companies in California.

“He’s really good on the law, which helps with the defense clients, and he finds the right themes and pressure points”
– Defense attorney in insurance bad faith case.

“Mr. Levinson was patient, generous with his time, and did a great job in getting the case fairly settled.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney.

“You did a tremendous job of settling a very difficult case. I was particularly impressed with your remarkable ability and willingness to really listen to both my client and me.”
– Former President of American Association of Justice and Consumer Attorneys of California.

“Arnold mediated a case I thought would never settle. It was a multi party case where everyone was suing everyone. And, I was ready to try the case. However, Arnold was able to put together a settlement agreement that resolved the entire matter. This case involved years of litigation and animosity on all sides. He did the unthinkable and I fully endorse him as a level headed no holds bar mediator.”
– Defense counsel.