My Philosophy

Throughout my 30 years as a lawyer, I was known for how strenuously I advocated on behalf of my clients—no matter how hard the fight—and earned the respect of my peers, even those on the “opposite side.”

Achieving the many successful resolutions I negotiated as an attorney demanded a strong work ethic, a big dose of common sense, and an innate and well-honed sense of where the jugulars and underbellies of a case lie.

I look at my legal career as the ultimate training ground for my work now as a neutral mediator, and I use my deep experience and integrity to build rapport with all sides in a case. I listen. I work hard to understand and respect the interests of each and every party to the dispute. I help parties boil a case down to its essence and find the common ground between them so we can reach resolution.

My experience has shown me how valuable—and rare—expert mediators are in a legal system that’s ever more reliant on them, and I look forward to bringing my expertise to your case.

—Arnie Levinson

“Arnie is not only intelligent, but he cares. As a result, you never leave a mediation wondering if there was something more that he could do.”

– Partner, Southern California Defense Firm